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What to expect

Dynamic Adventures are a DofE Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for all levels of the Expedition Section. Flexibility is at the core of our offering - we work with lots of different groups, all of whom run their DofE program in a slightly different way, and require different things from us.

We provide:

  • Route Planning sessions
  • Expedition skills training - including tent pitching, stove/ Trangia cooking, meal planning, basic first aid, map reading
  • Training Walks + Navigation training
  • Practice Expeditions
  • Qualifying Expeditions

Whilst most groups we work with choose to do trekking expeditions, we love to mix things up here, and can provide all of the above for other modes of transport, including canoeing, kayaking, and cycling.

Whether you need us to take on your program from start to finish, or just need some qualified Expedition Assessors, we’ve got you covered. We’re based in South Devon but provide expeditions across the UK.

Biking Expedition: Imagine planning and executing your very own biking + camping expedition. If you’re looking for something exciting to get inspired with life after lockdown, doing your Silver DofE on a bike with your friends might be the answer. 2 Day Practice includes bike maintenance, navigation, stoves, tent pitching, aim-setting, group cycling procedures, First Aid, equipment, route-planning followed by 3 Day Assessment.

Activity Details

from £295pp


Devon and beyond

01803 862725

3 Day Practice + 4 Day Assessment

You will need

  • Camping equipment
  • Team of between 5 + 7
  • Lead team member to deal with admin (if you’re coming to us direct)
  • Your own bike (for bike based exped)

All tents, stoves, gas, maps, compasses + specialist equipment such as frame + paniers can be provided by us

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